B.Y.O Lunch Set B.Y.O Lunch Set Rp.240,000.00  Rp.169,000.00 Buy Now
Blossom Plate (4) Free Blossom Bowl (2) Blossom Plate (4) Free Blossom Bowl (2) Rp.175,000.00  Rp.122,500.00 Buy Now
Breakfast Pack set Breakfast Pack set Rp.285,000.00  Rp.195,000.00 Buy Now
Carry All Canister Carry All Canister Rp.210,000.00  Rp.147,000.00 Buy Now
Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Rp.560,000.00  Rp.364,000.00 Buy Now
Chilli Keeper (1) Chilli Keeper (1) Rp.65,000.00  Rp.45,000.00 Buy Now
Chopping Board (1) Chopping Board (1) Rp.75,000.00  Rp.53,000.00 Buy Now
Click Bowl (3) Click Bowl (3) Rp.135,000.00  Rp.95,000.00 Buy Now
Commuter Bottle Blue Commuter Bottle Blue Rp.100,000.00  Rp.70,000.00 Buy Now
Commuter Bottle Purple Commuter Bottle Purple Rp.100,000.00  Rp.70,000.00 Buy Now
Cosmo Violet free Jumbo Mug Cosmo Violet free Jumbo Mug Rp.315,000.00  Rp.230,000.00 Buy Now
Crispy Conteno (2) Crispy Conteno (2) Rp.150,000.00  Rp.105,000.00 Buy Now
Crystal Candy (4) Crystal Candy (4) Rp.125,000.00  Rp.88,000.00 Buy Now
Crystal Tumbler (4) Crystal Tumbler (4) Rp.180,000.00  Rp.126,000.00 Buy Now
Crystalwave bowl 600ml Crystalwave bowl 600ml Rp.85,000.00  Rp.60,000.00 Buy Now
Cutlery Cutlery Rp.25,000.00  Rp.18,000.00 Buy Now
Deluxe Tumbler (4) Deluxe Tumbler (4) Rp.280,000.00  Rp.175,000.00 Buy Now
Dessert Cup (4) Dessert Cup (4) Rp.100,000.00  Rp.70,000.00 Buy Now
Eco 750ml (2) - Flip Top Eco 750ml (2) - Flip Top Rp.160,000.00  Rp.112,000.00 Buy Now
Eco Bottle 2L (1) Eco Bottle 2L (1) Rp.160,000.00  Rp.112,000.00 Buy Now

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